Following Persons/ Institutions Trusted Me

(in alphabetical order):

Baobab Books (Corporate)
Basler Zeitung (Editoral)
The Blue Planet Sound (Corporate)
Focus 11 (Art Fair)
Dunja Herzog (Swiss Art Award)
Kultur-Tipp (Editoral)
Melusine Films (Motion Picture)
Mix Zeitung (Editoral)
Marc Oberer, Raum zum Schreiben & MBSR (Corporate)
Beat Presser (Photographer)
Kazis Works for Roche / Herzog & De Meuron (Corporate)
Julian Salinas & Ursula Sprecher (Photographers)
Die Yogainsel (Corporate)

… and many other private persons.

I am an active member of Impressum (Association of Swiss Journalists, section photoreporters) and SBF (Swiss Professional Photographers and Photo Designers).

If you wish to realise your project with me, please do not hesitate
to get in touch.

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